Sunday, March 2


Photographer: Yongki Ongestu
Fashion Designer: Yuris Aryanna
Fashion Stylist: Fiona Tjokro
Model: Putu Anandita

Monday, February 24

Package Yourself Well

"How you package yourself matters. Don't undersell your inner beauty with a bad wrapping."

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Sunday, February 23

Wednesday, October 2

Little Things

The little things.

We make do with what we have now. Not just give up because we have not achieved what we have in mind, but making the best out of what we *already* have.

For instance you dream of a big house but the fact is currently you are living in a 4 by 4 one room apartment. Instead of complaining and living half-heartedly, you decorate your room, make it cozy and enjoy that little achie...vement.

It will make you live better because instead of complaining and living in the state of mind of "not yet, not good enough", you live the now whole heartedly. And usually, people who live their present fully, are given more.

It will also teaches you to appreciate. To be grateful. To stop and take note of your achievement. So that when the time comes for you to receive your big dream, you already know how to appreciate it. Be grateful of the little things. They contain the biggest joys in life.

Wednesday, September 18

Letting Go

Let go off the past.

We need to realize the importance in being able to let the past stay where they are - past. We need to realize the importance of neutralizing any emotion left hanging onto the past. We need to be able to speak of the past in a matter-of-fact way, with no sentimental attachment.

We need to let them go.

Disregard of how happy the past was, don't be trapped by the thought of t...rying to relive the experience with different person, on different maturity level, at different place. You will end up being rewound to repeat the past instead of experiencing the newness of your presence.

At a glance it may seem harmless but picture this, if you and your current partner is having a temporary conflict and you have not let go off the emotion of your past, you may picture the happy moments you had with your previous partner. Then you will start to compare past happy moment vs. current conflict. And you get more agitated and wondered why your current is not making you feel that sort of happiness (because you both are currently arguing). It's a deadly cycle. And if you don't stop, it will built into unrealistic resentment.

Understand this, the past is irrelevant. It's no longer important, disregard of the beautiful moments you have had. You either invest in experiencing the current moment with totality and build a solid foundation upon newness, or you can get yourself stuck and perhaps drowned in the past - which no longer exist but in the rusted part of your memory disk.

This applies to all areas of our lives, not just relationship but friendship, career, studies, life in general. We need to live in the NOW.

Open your eyes in the morning with the willingness to see this day as a blank new canvas. Rediscover the people around you; they are a different person today than yesterday. Feel the wholeness of the presence. Feel the growth in you - emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Take in the new experiences which today gives you. Appreciate them. Be someone's blessing. Learn. Grow. And always, take the option to be Happy.

Friday, September 6

Don't wait until something happens. Make it happen.

Don't wait for someone to begin. Be the first to leap.

Do it now. Change what you dislike. Do more of what you love. Inspire a trail of followers. Be the role model for next batch. Or maybe even your seniors.

Contribute. Be of service. Make yourself useful. Maximize what you can with what you have. Appreciate people. Do it with love, integrity and passion.

Dream big and make it happen.