November 14, 2014


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July 9, 2013

[TRAILER] hari ke-11 (11th day)

Last year, after watching Mo Brother's slasher "Rumah Dara" (Macabre) I had this sudden decision "I want my own horror film!" Obviously, I absolutely had no idea about film-making and I didn't even know what a Production House was. I began searching anyway. Searching for what? Everything and everyone who could possibly lead me into realizing my goal. No luck.

At the end of 2012, I met Yongki at my cousin's wedding where I was bridesmaiding and he was documenting. I made the connection in my head that he was documenting, therefore he can somehow film. But he does wedding documentary and who is gonna direct or write or fill up everything which I don't know? Then I thought "to hell with it, I'll just ask."

"Can you make film?" He showed me two fashion video clips. Honestly I was doubting. I decided to come clean and blabbed about my love for horror. The worst that could happen was he thinks I'm crazy and I could just leave because we didn't know each other anyway.

Fast forward weeks later. We were discussing about collaboration on a murder-themed bridal photoshoot. Fast forward 2 months, he was documenting my first show (first bridal design show, specifically). Fast forward another 2 months, he suddenly said "Let's make this (photoshoot) into film." That was days before our collaboration date, mind you.

So there you go, we changed here and there, got people on board and filmed this project. Days later he suddenly mentioned about participating in local film festival. Fast forward a week or so I suddenly said "let's try international". So I found showmeshorts and for the next few days we were rushing like mad to edit, wrap, fill in endless form to catch the very near closing date of submission.

It's a crazy world, but a fun roller coaster ride. So, if you've got a dream, make it into a goal, put your idea out there so that the right people can find you and vice versa, work hard, be a good partner and realize your goal by realizing others' dream.

Cheers! :)